tony keep

Tony Keep is a professional publicist and manager with a 20 year background of PR and marketing accomplishments. He has excellent communication skills both written, on the phone and in person. He establishes genuine relationships with the editors and reporters who cover his clients. He knows how to network without looking like he’s networking. He earns the trust of journalists by always being honest and available for comment. Journalists understand that a good idea from a great publicist like Tony will get much more attention than a lot of exclamation points from a “spin doctor”. Other skills include being a natural "people person." Tony is outgoing, funny and creative.

One of Tony’s greatest PR skills is his ability to be able to deal with predicaments and dilemmas with a calm head. He always looks to turn PR blunders into PR opportunities. For example if a rock star or movie star gets into trouble, Tony will make sure there's a story in the next week's paper about the celebrity assuming responsibility, doing what’s right to fix the mistake and then volunteering for the community.

Over time, Tony has always shown patience and flexibility which is extremely important for publicists due to the fact that celebrities, notable personalities, politicians or other public figures can be difficult to work with. They hold odd hours, sometimes have bad habits and always live in a media fishbowl. A publicist needs to be able to work within a client’s parameters and time frames.

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