Featured Client

Loulou von Brochwitz

Swiss pin-up model and contortionist currently living in Las Vegas. Is a modern "Atomic Age Pin-Up Girl" and "High Fashion Contortion Model", known most for her edgy modeling work in magazines and advertising prints and publications.

Loulou von Brochwitz started her modeling career at the age of 14 in Switzerland where she was born. Supervised by a famous modeling agency, she worked as a part-time model for classic brands; later she decided to specialize in pin-up modeling: Over the years she started a passion for the American Atomic Age and in 2006 she decided to put her passion for the 1950s into her image.

Loulou’s uniquely visual brand as a sexy contortion model and nerdy mathematician(earning her Master’s Degree in Berlin) has her in demand all over the World. Recognized as the Atomic Age High Fashion Pin-Up, she has become both renowned and iconic. She has graced the covers of dozens of magazines and was featured in the September 2010 Edition of Playboy Magazine.

Currently Loulou is working on a television pilot with a renowned hollywood publicist, and working in various promotional capacities with Keep Public Relations.